A Plan for the Manenberg Waterfront

Client Location Site           Building Area Programme Status
Manenberg Community Development Trust Manenberg, Cape Town 12 064m² 1 270m² Retail, Cultural, Sport & Recreation Concept

How can you create a community of spaces?

The Plan for the Manenberg Waterfront was initiated by the Manenberg Community Development Trust after seeing the initial design proposal for Jou Ma Se Kombuis Restaurant & Café. The aim of this project was to conceptualise how the people of Manenberg could access educational, productive and recreational spaces at the Manenberg Waterfront. The project included spaces for small businesses, exhibition space, an information centre, community gathering space, sport and recreation facilities, a plant nursery, and a fruit and vegetable garden.

The design was based on three key concepts: Creating a diverse programme that would engage a wide range of the community, placing the sports spaces at the street edge to generate activity throughout the site and forming a secure community space. These three concepts celebrate the value of community and the importance of complementary functional spaces within previously disadvantaged communities.