Jou Ma Se Kombuis Restaurant & Cafe

Client Location Site           Building Area Programme Status
Fusion Manenberg Manenberg, Cape Town 12 064m² 1 050m² Retail, Cultural, Sport & Recreation Concept

“The big dream is to set up a full service cafe at the Manenberg Waterfront – probably a year from now.” Patrick Nel, Fusion Manenberg

Jou Ma Se Kombuis, a project of Fusion Manenberg, is a local coffee shop and catering company that offers bakery training for youth caught in cycles of destruction as a means of developing skills both professionally and personally. The training programme, lead by Patrick Nel & Shihaam Lee, has over the past 2 years equipped 15 youths with some of these skills which will increase their ability to find work.

The design for Jou Ma Se Kombuis Restaurant & Café was to conceptualise the vision that Patrick Nel has for Jou Ma Se Kombuis and to explore the possibility of using the Manenberg Waterfront as a possible space for the restaurant and café. Fusion Manenberg’s vision is to cultivate a transformational community within Manenberg. This vision resulted in an expanded brief, beyond just the restaurant, to include a sports precinct, community fresh produce garden and rentable space for the local residents. The objective of the design is to stimulate a large variety of activities at the Manenberg Waterfront that will engage a larger portion of the community.

The buildings accommodate a restaurant, café, bakery training facility and rentable space. The space formed between the two buildings forms an informal market that extends to a grassed community picnic area. The concept incorporates the existing horse stables and beach volleyball court by coupling it with a 5-a-side football field, 2475m2 community fresh produce garden and a horse riding trail around the entire complex.